French health insurance

SOFICAS has created this website in conjenction with the health seminars to help understand the French health system. 

The SOFICAS seminars have been massively popular since 2010.

This is why SOFICAS would like to offer the possibility to ever.o. alt='search this word'>r.o./a>ne by explaining the French health system.

Major events such as Earls Court London and the NEC in Birmingham have made the eager mover's decisions easier to make and especially steer clear.o. alt='search this word'>r.o./a>f making mistakes getting into the French Health system or taking out Private Cover.

Talks on a smaller scale to associations, clubs and even groups between friends have revealed to be very helpful to expats already living in France.

These talks are aimed at explaining what the French health cover in France does and in particular how to use it. 

rong>If you would like more information on SOFICA's venues, seminars or would like to organize something in your area, please email your request to Tony MASON.rong>